2023 NFL Draft: AFC East Breakdown

With the NFL Draft around the corner, let’s take a look at each NFL team’s biggest needs heading into the Draft so they can guarantee success next season.

Today, I’m analyzing the AFC East, who all could benefit from the draft in order to desperately do something next season.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are supposed to be Super Bowl favorites year in and year out. But now, it almost seems like they have to make it far this year. Will that happen? Hopefully if they can leverage this offseason and build off of their successful 13-3 season.

Overall Draft Picks: 27, 59, 91, 130, 137, 205

Key Needs: OG, CB, LB, S, WR

Potential First-Round Pick: Jalin Hyatt, WR from Tennessee

Hyatt ran a 4.31 40-yard dash and is noted to be a high-caliber player. The Bills could really benefit from someone like Hyatt due to his incredible athleticism, speed and power to get down the field. He’s light on his feet and is able to make plays when he gets the ball.

New England Patriots

The Patriots really need some help. They’ve had glimpses of getting things right last season, but ultimately need to look to having a big offseason accompanied by a successful draft. Luckily, they have a lot of draft picks to work with.

Overall Draft Picks: 14, 46, 76, 107, 117, 135, 184, 187, 192, 210, 245

Key Needs: WR, CB, LB, EDGE, DT

Potential First-Round Pick: Devon Witherspoon, CB from Illinois

Witherspoon is aggressive, yet physical. He is everything that Bill Bellichick can fine tune to help the Patriots thrive. Witherspoon possesses great power and is a reliable defensive back.

New York Jets

The New York Jets have a bright future with their young, explosive talent. They’re missing some key pieces, but expect the team to get busy this offseason to contend next year.

Overall Draft Picks: 13, 42, 43, 112, 143, 207

Key Needs: OT, OC, EDGE, QB

Potential First-Round Pick: Peter Skoronoski, OT from Northwestern

Skoronoski brings a level of power and explosiveness to his position. He has incredible athleticism and knowledge of the game, which will boost the protection of whoever the Jets will have at quarterback.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins need to play this draft smart. Since they had to forfeit their first round pick, they need to utilize their picks wisely to address some mistakes.

Overall Draft Picks: 51, 84, 197, 238

Key Needs: OT, OG, CB, S, DT

Potential First-Round Pick: The Miami Dolphins do not have a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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