2023 NFL Draft: NFC East Breakdown

With the NFL Draft around the corner, let’s take a look at each NFL team’s biggest needs heading into the Draft so they can guarantee success next season.

Today, I’m analyzing the NFC East – nothing short of an interesting division with some major news.

New York Giants

The Giants are having a quiet offseason, but they’re clearly not far from building off of what they were able to do last season.

Overall Draft Picks: 25, 57, 89, 128, 160, 172, 209, 240, 243, 254

Key Needs: CB, OL, WR, DL, OLB

Potential First-Round Pick: LB, Trenton Simpson from Clemson

With a lot of picks and minimal needs, the Giants will have their hand in every round, picking up talent they could use Simpson’s versatility. He is a powerful player who could fill in at slot, edge or deep safety and still dominate in each position.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys had themselves a quiet offseason, but would benefit from going younger and building around Dak Prescott as his star running back is no longer there.

Overall Draft Picks: 26, 58, 90, 129, 176, 212, 246

Key Needs: DT, OG, WR, LB, RB

Potential First-Round Pick: WR, Quentin Johnston from TCU

Johnston is an impressive talent that could help the Cowboys offense start to get younger and faster. He’s a dynamic player who had 53 catches for 903 yards and five touchdowns during the Big 12 Championship.

Washington Commanders

In principle, the Commanders are going to be sold to Josh Harris, who owns the Philadelphia 76ers. Interesting stuff, but should the transaction go through, the team is going to need to improve in other areas as well.

Overall Draft Picks: 16, 47, 97, 118, 150, 193, 215, 233

Key Needs: CB, LB, EDGE, OG, DT

Potential First-Round Pick: DT, Bryan Bresee from Clemson

The Commanders could afford to improve their defense, and Bresee is a reliable defensive tackle to do just that. He has incredible burst and power and is really good at leveraging his explosiveness. He also has great upper body torque and immense force against his opponents.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles made it to the Super Bowl in just the second year with the Sirianni-Hurts era. Now, the work begins. The Eagles have a lot to address as they lost a lot this offseason. One of the biggest things they’ve addressed as of Monday afternoon is solidifying their quarterback, Jalen Hurts, until 2028.

Overall Draft Picks: 10, 30, 94, 219, 248

Key Needs: CB, EDGE, S, DT, LB

Potential First-Round Pick: DT, Jalen Carter from Georgia

The Eagles don’t have many draft picks, so they need to pick wisely with what they do have in order to address their issues. Carter is another Georgia gem who is only going to add on to the chemistry with Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis. The chemistry is what really helped the Eagles this year, and I think they’re only going to get better with Carter’s incredible athleticism and power. He is also an explosive playmaker and viable threat: everything the Eagles love.

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