Introducing “McGraw Media”

What if you could have a journalist, social media manager and public relations practitioner all in one? Welcome to “McGraw Media,” a one woman show providing you the very best in media and communications for your company’s brand image.

Instead of working with some cookie-cutter PR firm, choose my services to help you achieve the goals you want to achieve. Furthermore, we’ll be able to cultivate a lasting relationship that goes beyond public relations. You’ll also have the opportunity to brainstorm creative campaigns and projects that you can use for future media-related goals for your company.

Some of my services include: social media management, developing ad campaigns and partnerships, interviews and a plethora of writing and journalism if you need help in that field. You’re more than welcome to inquire about a business feature here on and on the podcast!

Ready to work together? Head over to the McGraw Media page or email me. Don’t forget to follow on social media, too!

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