First & Jenn Way-Too-Early NFL Awards Odds

We haven’t even begun the 2023-24 NFL season yet, but there has been some NFL Awards conversations the past month following the uplifting news surrounding Bills safety Damar Hamlin and the NFL Draft in full swing.

With all of that taken into account, you heard it here first with some of my way-too-early NFL awards and what they’re listed at on BetMGM.

MVP: Jalen Hurts (+1000, BetMGM)

The Eagles are doing everything right in this draft. Granted they continue to get things right this offseason, I have no doubt that they at least make the playoffs. From there, we’ll see but I don’t hate Hurts’ MVP race.

CBPOY: Damar Hamlin

If Hamlin plays a single snap, I think he’s a shoo-in for this award. It’s not even so much what he’s going to be able to do next season, but his story and comeback journey I think gives him this award. Though it’s unlisted on BetMGM, he was listed as the Comeback Player favorite.

OROY: Bijan Robinson (+300, BetMGM)

Robinson is already getting some traction following his first-round pick. He’s going to thrive next season and will only continue to tear away from the competition. At +300, I feel like there’s a reason he could be the winner.

DROY: Jalen Carter

Carter is going to be unstoppable and yet do all the stopping. Working alongside his other Georgia buddies, I really think Carter has a chance to get this award.

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