2023 NFL Draft: Winners & Losers from Round 1

Now that the dust settled on the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, it’s time to look at who started hot and who missed the mark so far. Bryce Young goes first overall, followed by C.J. Stroud. After that, the chaos ensued.


Houston Texans: I think the Houston Texans are a definitive winner from the first round. That Top 10 action to get C.J. Stroud and trade up to get the third overall pick as well and take Will Anderson Jr. is insane and a job well done to start working on getting their team back to winning potential. I’m happy with what they were able to do and I think they should have no problem continuing to be aggressive in the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles: They go to the Super Bowl and still get two picks, including one inside the Top 10, in the NFL Draft. There’s no possible way you can mess this up unless you just go in and pick a random player. The Eagles are methodological. Howie Roseman knows what he’s doing. Getting two Georgia talents, Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith is an incredible boost to their defense – if they even need one.


Tennessee Titans: It seems like the Titans had just not gotten it right thus far in the draft, picking a player that may or may not help them. Regardless, the rest of the draft is in store for a team that has a lot of draft picks.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns had no first-round picks, but they really could have afforded to trade into the first round. The team struggled last season and is nowhere near playoff ready, so a first-round talent would have been a nice start for the team.

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