Looking for Eagles gear? Shop Philly small

Author’s Note: If you or someone you know works in the NFL and is looking to crack down on artists for selling gear, then I cannot confirm nor deny that these are Eagles gear. This article isn’t for you. Keep it moving, let small artists do what they do. As always, Go Birds.

It’s a Philly thing to show support for our sports teams. During the Phillies historic World Series run in November, I wanted to find some gear to wear to the tailgates during the home championship games.

If you’re looking for something different than the standard NFL gear, or you’re waiting for an update on your Super Bowl Championship gear, check out these awesome places to shop small.

Dye Hard Fan

Priding itself on unique, custom swag, Dye Hard Fan is a Philly-based apparel brand that creates sports items for “dye” hard fans. They have an assortment of tie-dyed crewnecks, tee shirts and hats with Eagles colors and sayings. Want something unique to you? Dye Hard Fan also does custom orders.

Dye Hard Fan can be found on Instagram as well as their business website.

Underdog Apparel

Underdog Apparel is founded by Jason Kelce, so of course you’re bound to get some great swag from the Eagles veteran center. The clothing brand was created with some of the iconic sayings from the past and current Eagles seasons, including Kelce’s “It’s the whole team.” quote from the Super Bowl LII parade. The apparel brand has tee shirts, hoodies, beanies and even fanny packs. Proceeds from the brand go directly to helping youth in Philadelphia, so you’re shopping with a purpose.

Underdog Apparel can be found on Instagram or their business website.

Cailey’s Custom Crews & Crafts

If you’re looking for a touch of vintage with current Philly sports flair, Cailey’s Custom Crews & Crafts is a great NJ-based shop to check out. She has a wide range of custom designed tee shirts and crewnecks. Need something for the offseason? She also carries other apparel like this “Meet Me At The Jersey Shore” crewneck.

Cailey’s Custom Crews & Crafts can be found on Instagram or her business website.

Who am I missing? Let me know in the comments!

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