Here are the fall self-care activities you should try

Author’s Note: This article features input Campus Trendsetters participants Karly Ramnani and Kristen Rider.

Ramnani: Try an iced PSL (with oat milk & cinnamon)

Grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and try these recommendations.

Rider: Drink hot apple cider while watching a fall or Halloween movie

Or, if you prefer hot apple cider, it’s a perfect pairing with a fall-themed movie.

McGraw: Go to a football game

Maybe beer is your thing, which would be the perfect addition at a fall football game.

Ramnani: Candle shopping at Target

Go to Target for the candles, leave with everything else including those candles. It’s Target. Splurge a little.

Rider: Do your skincare routine with a fall-scented candle and a chill playlist

Nothing says fall self care better than a skincare routine with immaculate fall vibes.

McGraw: Try a new fall drink or food recipe

Might I suggest something with apple?

Ramnani: Dressing up for Halloween

You can’t possibly go wrong with dressing up for Halloween. 10/10 self-care.

Rider: Go out to nature or for a walk

Being with nature especially with the changing of the leaves is such a beautiful sight.

McGraw: Go to the mall

Or, you could stay inside on a cold day and buy yourself some fun things at your local mall.

What is your favorite fall activity? Let me know below!

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