Birds’ Eye View: Will the national media still love the Eagles after a loss?

Tonight the Eagles are 5-0 completely. ๐ŸŽถ

Will you still love me after one loss? ๐ŸŽถ

You might know that cute 1960 song by the group, The Shirelles. I think it really applies to how we feel about the Eagles in terms of the national media. When was the last time the modern-day media talked nicely about the Eagles for this long?

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

For five straight weeks, the national media took a liking to the Birds. They flocked to the “flying high” phrases and misusing the word “jawn.” (it refers to a noun, guys, seriously.)

But, what will the media say when the Eagles credit a loss?

It might happen. May not happen until after the bye, might happen on Sunday or it may never happen. But even by some stretch of luck the Eagles went loss-less this season, they’d have to lose a game eventually.

I must preface the rest of the article by saying every team in the NFL can have its good and bad weeks and look like whatever team they want to on any given Sunday. But the Eagles found a way to win, that’s what matters, even if the game was looking scary for a bit.

If the Eagles end up making the playoffs, which they have the highest chance to do so right now, they’re not going to sit back and think about where they dropped the ball in Week 5. They’re going to be focused on figuring out a way to win.

To go back to my above question, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter to Jalen Hurts or Jason Kelce. It doesn’t matter to the coaching staff, the local media or the fans.

The Eagles have their work cut out for them, but whether or not the national media is on their side is irrelevant.

The early conversations of an Eagles-Bills Super Bowl (though would be a dream) remain irrelevant for both teams. Even after a fantastic win by the Bills yesterday over the Steelers, it’s all about how that team will finish the season. Is there a chance the Bills will finish the season strong and make the playoffs in some capacity? No doubt.

Teams that start strong have all the opportunity in the world to make the Super Bowl, but they need to finish strong in order to remain that level of elite. The Arizona Cardinals were undefeated through seven weeks last season (too soon?) and it still ended with a Bengals-Rams Super Bowl.

That’s not to say that can’t be the case for every team, especially with a history of undefeated teams in the NFL.

However, the Eagles are going to need to finish strong in order to make a statement in the playoffs. That, in my opinion, is when I think the national media can start loving the Birds. Five weeks seems too soon to hype up a team that thrives on adversity.

It starts with finding ways to win each week. Next week is the Dallas Cowboys. Two things the team can do well is run and block. The Jaguars were also that team and we saw how that panned out. But the Eagles need to find a way to win and get into the bye week feeling stable and getting healthier so they can come back for the rest of the season.

The Eagles have some injuries right now, and those players will hopefully come back this week as all hands will need to be on deck to secure a W over a 4-1 Cowboys team (4-0 under Cooper Rush.)

For now, the national media can be all in on the Birds, but it’s more important that the Eagles are not letting the outside noise get into their head as they continue to compete each week.

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