SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: Season premiere of ABC’s “Big Sky”

ABC’s “Big Sky,” created by David E. Kelley, is an American crime drama thriller based on The Highway series of books by C.J. Box.

Released in November 2020, the show took major twists and turns to end up at season 3. Just when audiences think the show wrapped up a storyline, another one opens up.

“Big Sky” is more than just a crime thriller, however, it is a show that highlights so many other parts of modern culture.

Seasons 1 and 2 dove into the storyline of Ronald Pergman played by Jersey native, Brian Geraghty, a human trafficker who worked with Rick Legarski (John Caroll Lynch) to kidnap three women. The women are saved at the end, but Pergman escapes. One of the three that are saved joins Dewell and Hoyt to solve cases – Jerrie Kennedy, played Jesse James Keitel.

Season 2, Pergman attempts to take on a new life in disguise. Towards the end of the season, Pergman is killed off by Dewell. The flip side? Pergman’s love interest and child are still out there somewhere. The other storyline followed a family of drug cartel and drugs getting into the wrong hands by accident.

If this first episode has any indication of the crazy season in store for “Big Sky” then I think people should really start tuning in to the show.

Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) are back to business solving a “mission persons” case alongside new character, Beau Arlen, played by Jensen Ackles. Reba McEntire joins the cast as Sunny Brick, co-owner of a glamping excursion near a treacherous backpacking trail.

Other returning cast members in the first episode include Denise Brisbane (Dedee Pfieffer), office secretary who works alongside Hoyt and Dewell. Deputy Poppernak (J. Anthony Pena) also joins to help crack the season premiere case.

In true “Big Sky” fashion, the show ended with a riveting cliffhanger that tells you all you need to know. Without giving too much away, it’s very in theme with some of the storylines from seasons 1 and 2. Viewers will be in for a wild ride as a new thing pops up in Montana.

I expect this season of “Big Sky” to wrap up and open more storylines. I hope Ackles sticks around for the show for more than a season, while bringing back beloved characters, Kennedy and fellow cop, Mark Window (Omar Metwally.)

“Big Sky” airs Wednesday night’s on ABC at 10:00 p.m. ET, following award-winning television series based in Philadelphia, “Abott Elementary.”

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