Why you should be watching “Big Sky”

Pictured are Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury, who play Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell in ABC’s crime drama, “Big Sky.” – Photo via ABC.com

*Spoilers Ahead*

Season Two of ABC’s hit drama, “Big Sky,” just wrapped up last week, however, it’s not too late to tune into what’s been going on in Montana. This show has had so many twists and turns throughout its two seasons that you find yourself constantly coming back each week to see where it’s heading next.

Until season three debuts in the fall, find out below what makes this show work and stand out from others.

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1. The cast is *chefs kiss.*

One thing I absolutely love about “Big Sky” is the incredible cast. This cast was obviously chosen carefully because they’re super talented and really fit their respective roles so well. From the main cast to side characters, there is not a single bad character in “Big Sky.” 

Not only are they talented, but the writers created characters that you really gravitate towards. They created characters you either love to love or love to hate, for instance, we’re introduced to Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) a state trooper who is an accomplice to the man of season one, Ronald Pergman. (Brian Geraghty)

In season two, we’re introduced to the Bhullars. The family isn’t – the nicest – but I’ll let you figure out why. Ren Bhullar, played by Janina Gavankar, is an absolute BAD. ASS. Though she isn’t the nicest person in the second season, you can’t help but root for her. She repeatedly empowers other women throughout the season. Honestly, I loved rooting for her regardless of the events that occurred.

2. Season one actively brings awareness to human trafficking.

A big part of the story in “Big Sky” is the human trafficking that takes place in the first half of the season. I can’t remember another show that has a storyline with this topic, probably because this topic is quite heavy. “Big Sky” tackles this issue in a harsh and realistic way, but it has since done work to bring awareness to human trafficking. 

Either before or after each episode, the show shares resources if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence or human trafficking. I think it’s really important that not only is a show bringing light to human trafficking, but also really advocating for putting a stop to it in any way that the cast and crew can.

3. Trans/non-binary people play trans/non-binary roles.

Something that we’re going to start to see a lot is accurate portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters portrayed by LGBTQ+ members. Jessie James Keitel took on their role as Jerrie Kennedy, a trafficked transgender woman, but in real-life they are an awesome non-binary person.

On discussing their role in an interview with Independent news publication, Keitel said, “Drag not only saved my life, it gave me an acting career.” Being able to express who they are through drag game them the opportunity to not only shine but also be an inspiration to other members of the LGBTQ+ community through their work on “Big Sky.”

4. Did I mention the show has an incredible storyline?

I know we’ve all seen a show where the storyline was quite corny or there was bad acting. “Big Sky” is anything but that. As mentioned early, a lot of the first season covers human trafficking, but it’s also done so in a way that doesn’t come off as controversial or “over the top.” The show touches on other topics ranging from LGBTQ+ to mental health, all of which are timely and necessary conversations we should have outside of the show.

Besides the show’s advocacy efforts, each episode – literally every episode – leaves you wanting more. Whether or not the show ends with a twist, each episode gets you even more hype for the following. There’s this overarching thought of, “What’s going to happen to the girls? Are the police going to catch Ronald? What is going to happen to Legarski?” Each week, we get significantly closer to finding out these answers, but we’re led down other plot twists as well – and it’s incredibly addicting. 

5. I’ve gotta bring up the badass women one more time.

If there’s something I love in a show, it’s a good storyline full of boss women. When I was growing up, women were portrayed in shows and movies with the end game of them finding a relationship; or it was always the same demographic being portrayed. 

In “Big Sky,” that’s not the case. Jenny Hoyt, portrayed by Katheryn Winnick, is a police detective who is often seen as “troublesome,” but really is determined and passionate about the work she’s doing. Jerrie Kennedy, portrayed by Keitel, goes through a serious character development who at first feels insecure but then gains the confidence to help take down the antagonist, Ronald Pergman. There’s a lot of inspiration in this show for women and those in minority groups to take on strong, independent roles as well as gain the courage to be who they truly are.

“Big Sky” returns to ABC in the fall, however, you can catch up in time for season three on Prime Video, VUDU, Hulu, Spectrum TV, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Apple TV, or ABC on your Roku device.

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