Birds’ Eye View: Maybe it’s time to buy in to the hype?

Victory Tuesday had a nice ring to it, especially when the Philadelphia Eagles comfortably won against the Vikings in a Monday night showdown at the Lincoln Financial Field.

The Philadelphia Eagles are really cooking. They’ve got something going and the national media is taking notice. Yes, the Eagles are better as underdogs, but maybe we should enjoy this positive talk about the Birds?

With the Buccaneers still riding strong with Tom Brady, the Super Bowl-defending Rams and the Packers still doing Packers things, the Eagles are not definitive NFC favorites, but they could be if they pass some tests throughout the season.

I had the opportunity to chat with Philly sports fan, Chase McNeill about the electricity in just one home game.

“The fans were un matched,” McNeill said. “The play calling on both sides of the ball felt up to par if not better. Everything felt like a movie.”

Gayle Saunders, founder and host of the 4th & Jawn podcast, also shared his thoughts following the first home game.

“The Birds are the perfect blend of veteran leadership and a youth movement of talented playmakers and leaders on and off the field.” Saunders said. “Once they put it together, it’s a team that can make a run. Let’s hope the coaches can put them in the best situations to succeed,”

So, can the Eagles keep it together to come out on top? It’s very likely, but they will have to face different defensive and offensive challenges each week and execute at the same level.

Part of that will include defensive coordinator, Jonathan Gannon, continuing to apply pressure and keeping the defense on fire, much like we saw against the Vikings.

The Eagles do great against the run, which means it makes it easier to play more aggressive. Once the team can fine tune how to attack the passing game in the same way, I don’t see why the Eagles won’t succeed this season.

It’s a long stretch for it just being Week 3, but if the national media is looking at the Eagles, then maybe there’s something good going on there.

One response to “Birds’ Eye View: Maybe it’s time to buy in to the hype?”

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