The Wawa orders I would give to the Philadelphia Eagles

What better way to celebrate the day after National Hoagie Day than with the most Philly article I’ve ever written?

With the return of the NFL season – and a string of commercials that Avonte Maddox, Dallas Goedert and DeVonta Smith have created for the popular Delaware Valley convenience store – here’s what I think some of the Philadelphia Eagles should order from Wawa.

Jalen Hurts – BBQ Honey Smoked Turkey Hoagie

I feel like Hurts would keep it simple but also add a little flavor. BBQ honey smoked turkey has a lot of flavor profiles from the sweetness of the honey smoked turkey to the summer-esque flavors drawn out by the barbecue.

A.J. Brown – Chipotle Chicken Cheesesteak

You have to give the guy what he’s worth. A.J. Brown is a Philadelphia wide receiver beast so you have to give him a sandwich that would match his level of intensity. A chipotle chicken cheesesteak I think is just that sandwich to do it.

DeVonta Smith – Honey Smoked Turkey Hoagie w/ Cheese

I won’t lie, I did steal this from an article that actually shared his Wawa order, but it also just makes a lot of sense. Keeping it simple yet delicious with a honey-smoked turkey hoagie with cheese could not be more perfect for DeVonta, who quietly delivers in an impactful way. I have yet to try this specific order, but I’m sure it’s nothing short of delicious.

Miles Sanders – Classic Ham Hoagie (Ham, lettuce, tomato, the works)

It just feels like a lot of the guys on the Eagles are classic kind of guys, which is great since Wawa has a great selection of classic-made hoagies. For Miles Sanders, I think a classic ham hoagie would be for him because he delivers on gameday, is very underrated and is loved amongst the fans. Can’t underrate a good classic ham hoagie.

Boston Scott – Classic Cheesesteak

Another Philly guy who’s loved amongst fans, I think Boston Scott should get the classic cheesesteak. Honestly, Scott gives the classic reliable running back vibes, which I think best translates to the greatest sandwich to ever exist: the cheesesteak.

Dallas Goedert – Italian Hoagie

I can’t remember if Dallas Goedert ever actually said what his go-to order is from Wawa, but I do know that giving him a light sandwich with great flavor, such as an Italian hoagie, would make sense. Goedert is a light-on-his-feet kind of player, so the Italian hoagie compliments that well.

Lane Johnson – Meatball Hoagie

Who doesn’t love a good meatball hoagie? I feel like when you think of “hoagie,” you think of meatball hoagie (among others.) When you think of Eagles, you think of guys like Lane Johnson (and Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox.) Lane is an iconic athlete that would make the most sense to give him a sandwich to match that level.

Jordan Mailata – Roast Beef Hoagie

Roast beef feels like another iconic choice to have as a sandwich. Put it in hoagie form, and you’ve got yourself a Philly special. (See what I did there?) I’m giving the roast beef hoagie to Jordan Mailata because – honestly – I think this sandwich is fantastic and is often underrated. Roast beef sandwiches are iconic, much like Jordan Mailata who is definitely another part of the heart of what the Eagles franchise is.

Jason Kelce – Tuna Salad Hoagie

I feel like a tuna salad hoagie is a very rigid, kind of “tough guy” sandwich that’s also very popular. You know who’s the tough guy for the Eagles who’s really popular? Jason Kelce. You have to give him a sandwich that is worth the hype, and tuna feels to me like the way to go.

Brandon Graham – The Classic Hoagie (Turkey, lettuce, tomato, the works)

I’m not sorry for giving my favorite hoagie to one of my favorite Eagles defensive players. Brandon Graham embodies the Philadelphia spirit (among a lot of other players) but I truly think it just adds up for him to have the classic turkey hoagie, something to match that spirit for Philadelphia sports, fans and the community.

Haason Reddick – Chicken Salad Hoagie

The Temple product definitely knows a good Wawa order when he sees one, but I think I’d switch it up and give him the chicken salad hoagie. Chicken salad hoagies have a little something in them that just brings flavor and life to the sandwich. I feel like this translates well with the Philly native who gives life to the Eagles.

“Big Play” Slay – BLT Hoagie

There’s layers to the incredible cornerback that is Darius “Big Play” Slay. He has speed, he has agility and he has heart for the team. There’s layers to a BLT: bacon, lettuce and tomato. I think it makes the most sense to give Slay a BLT from Wawa because you just can’t go wrong giving an awesome sandwich to a great player. It just makes sense.

Avonte Maddox – Half Hoagie-Half Mac N Cheese combo

I think Avonte Maddox just knows what he wants from Wawa at this point (and I mean, who doesn’t? Wawa is good.) But I feel like he could definitely get the half hoagie-half side combo because you’re getting *technically* more for less. I specifically think he’d be getting the half hoagie-half Mac n Cheese because who DOESN’T love Wawa’s Mac n Cheese? I feel like Maddox would be the guy to recommend it to others, too.

Kyzir White – Ham and Cheese Hoagie

When you have a simple guy who delivers on game day, you need a sandwich to match. A ham and cheese hoagie with all the fixins’ is just the way to go, and I think this would be a perfect order for Kyzir White for that reason. Just last week against the Lions, he tipped the ball that Bradberry would run in for a pick-six. A hammy hoagie delivers just what it needs to while packing in a lot of flavor.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson – Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak

A match made in Heaven with C.J. and a cheesesteak with a kick. Just like with A.J. Brown, you have to give C.J.G.J a sandwich that’s on his level. A buffalo chicken cheesesteak has equal parts of classic cheesesteak goodness with a tolerable kick. I’m a buffalo chicken cheesesteak devotee, so I know for a fact that this sandwich is the best way to tell someone “You freaking rock.”

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