Birds’ Eye View: Preseason – Eagles-Dolphins

Not even worried.

And no, I did not watch this game either. Consistency is key.

But just like my consistency in not watching Eagles preseason games so I don’t get emotionally invested so soon, the team has been very consistent throughout the preseason. There were some good and bad consistencies, but consistent nonetheless.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to have a steady starting lineup come Week 1 against the now-apparently-impressive-Hard Knocks Detroit Lions.

One last time: Devon Allen should have made special teams.

I rewrote this statement after Allen was cut from the team, but it still remains true. Yes, we already have a wide receiver room full of fast guys, but you’re crazy if you’re taking Jalen Reagor over Allen for KR/PR. Truthfully, I don’t see the Eagles experimenting with their other wide receivers in the backfield come game time.

I just think about back to my high school days watching my varsity team returning kicks for touchdowns. If they can do it, college and professionals can obviously do it. I feel like Allen could have been the guy to have an exciting touchdown from a punt return or something along those lines. I think Allen would have made a lot of sense on special teams as someone of his skill and ability would have made a great fit for the position.

Johnathan Gannon is going to give me gray hairs.

I repeat myself once a week and will probably continue to repeat myself throughout the season, but now it really makes sense. Last season, there were so many holes in the Eagles defense and lots of issues that needed to be addressed in the offseason (linebackers being one of them.) Now, we need to make sure we’re making good use out of them and some of the other guys we got in the offseason.

A guy like Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, who was traded from the Saints, will be a perfect fit for Philadelphia. The only issue is making sure Jonathan Gannon’s defensive schemes are up to par with the stacked defense the Eagles have.

The Philadelphia Eagles travel to Detroit to take on the Lions in the season opener on September 11, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. Follow along the “Birds’ Eye View” to stay up-to-date on Eagles coverage all season long.

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