Birds’ Eye View: Preseason – Eagles-Browns

The Philadelphia Eagles bounced back from last week’s last-minute preseason loss against the New York Jets, though the team had a lot to show in terms of improvement from last season. Filling the gaps that the team had was a major starting point for the Eagles getting back on track.

Sunday night, the Eagles faced off against the Cleveland Browns and won, 21-20.

Though it’s only a preseason game, there was some underlying hope for a win from the Eagles (at least from me. I don’t care about the other preseason games, I just wanted a win against the Browns.)

Now, last week I missed the game due to being at the Salem County Fair. This week, I missed the game because I was in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. I do, however, know some standout plays/players that came from the Eagles-Browns game. You’ll find those highlights below.

Overall Team Health

So far this offseason, with the exception of Eagles center Jason Kelce and his elbow, the team has been pretty healthy. Last season, Brandon Graham faced a season-ending injury and now he’s back like he never left. Having the starters play little snaps is going to be significant in sustaining the health of the team. That being said, I think the starters who have less NFL experience should still get reps, including Jalen Hurts. He had a great game against the Jets, but I think him playing against the Dolphins in just a few snaps would be good enough to transition him to regular season.

Our Young Players/Depth

Watching preseason games typically is a snooze-fest because you don’t really care who wins. But, if you’re the Philadelphia Eagles, it can be pretty exciting watching our rookies tearing it up on the field. Though we really didn’t see much of Jordan Davis this week, we did get more action from Cam Jurgens and what he’s able to do. Having promising depth is important for the Eagles since injuries do tend to creep up at the worst time for the team.

Dave Spadaro

If you haven’t seen yet, Eagles insider, Dave Spadaro got his defensive stop at the Browns game. The video that went viral in the Philadelphia sports community on Twitter showed Spadaro blocking a worker from walking in front of him while he was broadcasting during the game. In my opinion, this is worthy of defensive play of the game.

Ironic to me being in Florida on vacation, the Philadelphia Eagles face off against the Miami Dolphins in one final preseason game on Saturday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m.

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