TikTok user helps you figure out your favorite Taylor Swift album

Now that we dove completely into the Eras Tour, you might be wondering what your go-to Eras look should be if you were lucky enough to snag tickets.

Maybe you could gain inspiration from your favorite album?? A classic red lip-cat eye makeup look from “1989” or a black sparkly ensemble from “reputation” could do.

But, what if you don’t know your favorite album? Luckily, this handy TikTok idea could help, all it takes is a little math.

Liz White, who goes by @LizWizdom on TikTok, explains how her Google Sheets template helps you mathematically find your favorite album.

“What you need to do is rate each song on each album, you need to rate each song on a scale of one to ten,” White explains.

Using her template, you’re able to bypass the math steps, making it easier to find your average score of each album.

“Then you can look at the score that you gave each album and see how they actually rank for you.” White said. “Doing this is what gave me the embarrassing news that ‘Speak Now’ is actually my favorite album, even though I’ve been saying ‘Red’ is my favorite for 10 years,” she said, jokingly.

I put this to the test and found that my top two albums are “reputation” and “Speak Now.” I guess that would be something frilly and girly but also fierce and dark?

What is your mathematically suggested favorite Taylor Swift album? Does it match up with what you thought? Let me know in the comments!

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