Philly prepares for “Taylgates” ahead of three-day Eras tour

No tickets? Just Breathe.

If something Philadelphia Eagles fans know All Too Well, it’s how to tailgate when a major event happens. For Philly fans, It’s Time To Go to the Eras Tour, and the city is filled with Taylor Swift activities to enjoy the three-day fun. Those fans, some camping out at Lincoln Financial Field overnight to snag the tour merchandise, are Ready For It.

Whether you were lucky enough to grab tickets or not, Dylan “The Maestro of the M Lot” of @philatticus on Twitter and Ian of @Ianfromphilly on Twitter will bring the fun to the lots with a Swift-themed “Taylgate” on Saturday, May 13. The Mastermind duo are trading a sea of green for the Lavender Haze, serving up a delicious Swift-themed menu in Style.

When they figured a “Taylgate” could bring more fans together to enjoy the fun, they knew the option for a tailgate was End Game.

The “Maestro of the M Lot’s” tailgates are far from Invisible, as they gained popularity during the past Eagles football season.

I Think He Knows a thing or two about serving up a delicious array of meats, bringing people together to enjoy whatever festivity is going on. Tickets or not, everyone who attends the tailgate will be Tied Together With A Smile and have the opportunity to enjoy the concert an alternative way.

Fans with or without tickets can still enjoy many Swift-themed activities from The Outside of the venue. Never in their Wildest Dreams would they miss any of this weekend’s action.

The “Taylgate” will happen Saturday, May 13 at noon in the M Lot of the Philadelphia Sports Complex. Even if you are lucky enough to attend, you’ll be able to enjoy the food and fun with other Swifties before dancing the Midnights away.

If you plan on attending the “Taylgate,” Speak Now or forever hold your peace and you’ll be enjoying the Swift vibes before the concert. The Very First Night of her Philly shows begin tomorrow.

For the more Delicate concert details, click here.

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