REVIEW: New Hope’s “The Cloak and Wand” is bewitchingly wonderful

Nestled on 67 Peddlers Village in Lahaska, PA lies a magical store and experience called “The Cloak and Wand.” This shop, with one other location in Connecticut, is a unique witchy shop to satisfy all of your spooky needs year round, including their staple potion bar where you can create custom hot and cold beverages potions.

If you know me, you know I love New Hope, Pa. so when I found out that this Halloween-esque store was coming to town, I had to check it out.

When you walk into the shop, you’re greeted with the main lobby split into the potion bar and the gift shop. My mother and I, on our bi-monthly trip to New Hope, took a peak at the items for sale and different experiences throughout the shop.

They have an assortment of witch-themed items as well as Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus gear. Did I mention you can buy your own cloak? I won’t lie, that would be really nice to have during the colder months. Below are some of the many, many things they have for sale.

Something that was quite the awesome experience (and now that I can live out my Wizards of Waverly Place lifestyle) was their room full of wands you could purchase. I’m talking wall-to-wall full of wands.

The one I bought (not pictured) is called “Evil Queen.” Each wand comes with a card of what is at the core of the wand, what wood it’s made out of and what spells you can cast with your want.

Since mine is a play on “Snow White,” apple seeds are at the core of the wand, it’s made out of wormwood and the wand is best for sleeping curses and transformation spells. Each wand is unique and I highly recommend you take a few minutes in this room to explore what wand is best for you.

A case full of custom wands from “The Cloak and Wand.” Monday, April 10, 2023 (Jennifer McGraw)

Just when you think the fun ends there, you’re wrong. The next room you can enter is the “Bergreen’s Botanical Greenhouse” a furry experience where you can adopt a mystical creature.

You can take home a dragon, a snake or even an owl. The adoption experience is so cute, too. You sign a contract stating you will take care of your furry fantasy friend and then get an adoption certificate. The adoption is not complete without casting a spell with glitter mermaid tears to add to the adventure.

After buying wands and adopting our furry friends, my mom and I hit the potion bar. You can order from a long list of hot chocolate or cold potions (italian soda). The potion bar offers more than 64 flavors and you can create your own potion or order from their menu.

Below are the “Toil and Trouble” (the black drink) and the “Dragon Turtle Tears” (the pink drink). Both contain glitter fairy dust which makes the drinks that much better. By the way, highly recommend both.

The “Toil & Trouble” and “Dragon Turtle Tears” custom potions from “The Cloak and Wand.” Monday, April 10, 2023 (Jennifer McGraw)

In short, “The Cloak and Wand” is a fantastic experience in Lahaska, Pa. that gives you the opportunity to be a witch (or a mortal exploring) and enjoy so many different activities. I’m already planning my next trip.

For more information on the shop, check out their official website.

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