2023 NFL Draft: NFC South Breakdown

With the NFL Draft around the corner, let’s take a look at each NFL team’s biggest needs heading into the Draft so they can guarantee success next season.

Today, I’m analyzing the NFC South.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers (7-10) have their work cut out for them in a seemingly open NFC South. Having already solved a few of their draft needs ahead of the draft, I think the Panthers are in pretty great shape to go in the draft and take their picks to build on what they’ve already done this off-season. 

Overall Draft Picks: 1, 39, 93, 114, 132, 145

Key Needs: QB, EDGE, TE, WR

Potential First-Round Pick: QB C.J. Stroud from Ohio State

Stroud’s incredible arm talent and elasticity are going to be greatly developed in the Panthers franchise. He’s going to be the dual threat the team needs with his mobility on his feet, giving him the ability to create space and get out of the pocket. He also excels in pacing his throws, which will help him if any potential younger defensive players come after him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers now are without Tom Brady. Luckily, they do have a plethora of draft picks to rebuild some of the key offensive pieces they lost so far this offseason. After finishing 8-9, the Bucs need to return to the spark they had not too long ago that got them a Super Bowl win.

Overall Draft Picks: 19, 50, 82, 153, 175, 179, 181, 196, 252

Key Needs: QB, EDGE, CB, OG, RB

Potential First-Round Pick: RB Bijan Robinson from Texas

Bijan Robinson could be the spark the team needs. Robinson has short-area athleticism and is light on his feet. He is fluid and flexible in his movements, but his best asset might be his vision and football instincts. Robinson is a threat to defenders, which will be an added boost for the Bucs.

Atlanta Falcons

Earlier today, the Falcons traded a 2023 fifth-round pick for CB Jeff Okudah, knocking off their draft to-do list to set them up for success in this year’s draft. The Falcons are without Marcus Mariota who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the team is in search of another QB. While they and other teams need a young QB, the Falcons are also going to need to get stronger defensively.

Draft Picks: 8, 44, 75, 110, 113, 224, 225

Key Needs: OG, OT, EDGE, DT, CB

Potential First-Round Pick: EDGE Myles Murphy from Clemson

Myles Murphy is a powerful EDGE who’s ability in short-area bursts, consistent movements and his quick reload will make him an undeniable asset for the Falcons.

New Orleans Saints

After finishing 7-10, the New Orleans Saints need any kind of help they can get. Luckily, they have eight draft picks in this year’s draft to work with and address their issues. The team could take a piece out of its fellow NFC opponents draft playbooks and pick from defense, but the Saints also need to search for offensive weapons to get back to dominating on offense.

Draft Picks: 29, 40, 71, 115, 146, 165, 227, 257

Key Needs: DT, EDGE, WR, TE

Potential First-Round Pick: TE Michael Mayer from Notre Dame

Michael Mayer is a dangerous tight end who is the perfect size to fit in with the Saints’ scheme. He also has an impressive blocking attitude making him a versatile weapon that can give the Saints’ offense a boost.

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