Birds’ Eye View: A Bright Future Ahead

Well, it’s not the ending Eagles fans were hoping for. The defense came up short in the second half and allowed the Chiefs to score on every possession.

The wound is still fresh, so let’s not focus on what went wrong. As the team gets ready for a busy offseason deciding who’s extended and who’s walking, let’s take a look at some things to look forward to for the future.

Jalen Hurts is a BEAST

Jalen Hurts went toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes for much of the game yesterday. If not for the Chiefs pulling out a last minute win, Hurts would have been a shoe-in for Super Bowl MVP. He had great numbers yesterday going 27-for-38 for 304 yards and one passing touchdown in addition to 15 carries for 70 yards and three rushing touchdowns.

He put it all out on the field. Though the team came out with a loss, someone like Hurts is hard to come by. The fact that the Eagles have him for seasons to come is a major win long-term.

Offense is Here for a Few Seasons

Some of the guys on the offense are on the team until 2026 which is a great sign. Since our receiving core is pretty strong, minus the need for a third wide receiver and punt/kick returner, the Eagles have a great opportunity to get far again next season with the offense that they have.

The defense will have to get worked out now as a bunch of notable guys are expected to hit free agency. After the Super Bowl, the team is going to need a face lift.

Top 10 Draft Pick

The Eagles stay young on the offensive side of the ball and having the two first-round picks in the NFL Draft will help keep that way. The speed and lack of injuries help the offense a lot. I hope they look for more receiving help first in the Draft then look to boosting their defense.

When the dust settles on this Super Bowl and the sting goes away, there are major discussions about the free agents and who wears midnight green next season. For now, the 2022-2023 NFL season is officially in the books.

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