Birds’ Eye View: Eagles Training Camp – One Day Out

We’re almost there, Eagles fans.

We’re officially one day away from Eagles pre-season. For me, honestly, that feels like the start of the regular season. Just the idea of football being back, it doesn’t matter if the games count or not.

We’ve been waiting patiently (or impatiently but no one’s really judging) for this moment to come.

The Eagles will face the New York Jets tomorrow. There are a bunch of new, and young, additions to the team, so it’ll be exciting to see the new faces and what they can bring to the team.

The Eagles starters might get a few reps during preseason, as talked about by head coach Nick Sirianni. Though there’s always a risk for injuries, I think the Eagles should get some of their starters back into the swing of the things.

One of those players will likely not be center Jason Kelce, who underwent elbow surgery earlier in the week. Though a routine procedure, Kelce will likely miss preseason. The silver lining to this would be the rookie center, Cam Jurgens, getting a few reps in to see what he can do.

Honestly, there’s been so much talk and overanalyzing throughout the entire Eagles training camp. I’m just excited to see what the team is working with. Even if the Eagles don’t have it together for the first preseason game, I won’t be mad. I just want to see what the future of the team is going to be like as well as what the depth chart currently is.

One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to see the few new pieces we have to the team. Below are my top five players I can’t wait to see hopefully get a few snaps or start during the preseason.

5) A.J. Brown

I’m not sure if A.J. Brown will see much, if any, playing time during the preseason as we know what the wide receiver is capable of doing. However, because he is playing for a new team, it would be good to see some live game action with this new scheme.

During training camp, Brown had a lot of explosive plays and touchdowns. I don’t doubt that he’s going to deliver the same amount of intensity with the HurtsSmith-Brown trifecta, but I think I’m just impatient and want to see him in midnight green now.

4) Cam Jurgens

I was excited to see Cam Jurgens get drafted in the second round this year because it reminds me a lot of the old Eagles – big, physical guys who will play aggressive football. There’s only one Jason Kelce, but while he recovers from elbow surgery, it’s going to be exciting to see what Jurgens can do. 

In the off chance that Jurgens might take the starting job one day, I think we’ll feel pretty secure with him. While he learns under the great Kelce, it’ll be great to see him take those skills to the preseason field starting tomorrow.

3) Devon Allen

I’m so excited about Devon Allen because the guy is known for being fast. Being a track and field Olympian, I can only imagine how he’s going to fly past opponents when he gets the ball. I’m not sure how the wide receiver room is going to pan out yet, but if we get a taste for Allen’s speed, it would be awesome to see him become our punt/kick returner. 

This is a great wide receiver room for the Eagles this year. DeVonta Smith and Brown bring serious agility, and Allen will bring the speed to make this offense scary. 

2) Nakobe Dean

Eyes have been on Nakobe Dean during training camp, who has shown a lot of promise with his reps with the first team. I want to see him more. Obviously, we have Kyzir White and Haason Reddick, so they’ve been taking a lot of reps, but Nakobe Dean is still being slept on, in my opinion. We’ll get to see more of him during the preseason, and I want to be able to make a fair judgment about where he would fit best on the team.

For right now, it makes a lot of sense for him to add depth to the linebacker room, but I still want to see what Dean is capable of during these few preseason games.

1) Jordan Davis

All eyes were on the Georgia big man himself, Jordan Davis, during this training camp. He plowed through his offensive opponents and showed a lot of promise in size and skill the past few weeks. 

As mentioned in a recent press conference, there were times throughout practice that Davis lost the matchup, but that’s obviously normal for any player. The important thing is that Davis will provide a lot of much-needed defensive help that the Eagles needed last year. Adding back Brandon Graham from injury and Fletcher Cox, the Eagles will have improved greatly on defense in the upcoming season.

The Eagles face off against the New York Jets tomorrow night to kick off preseason. In a few short weeks, the Eagles will face the Detroit Lions in their 2022-23 season opener.

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