Birds’ Eye View: Eagles Training Camp – Seeing is Believing

We made it, Eagles fans!

Today is the day that the Philadelphia Eagles report for training camp for the 2022 NFL season. (Tomorrow they actually begin practicing.)

We’re inching closer to another football season, but this year, I need to see improvements on this Philadelphia team. This was a team that was supposed to barely scrape four wins last season. Now? They know exactly where they need to go form here.

The Eagles suit up tomorrow, and here’s what I need to see from them before preseason.

1. Carson Strong. The Eagles signed the undrafted rookie quarterback to the team. Besides the fact that Philadelphia has been loving some good sports one-on-one drama, Strong was a great player during his college years. Strong threw 63 touchdowns in his last two years in Nevada and completed 70% of his passes. Obviously, the team is all in on Hurts, however, if Strong proves to be something special during camp, the team can afford to shop around either him or Gardner Minshew.

2. How does the Georgia defensive duo shape up in the NFL? Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean are going to provide some much needed help to the Eagles defense. Davis is a big guy and Dean is light on his feet. The two were dynamite back in Georgia, but I want to see what they will be able to do when it comes to the big leagues. Last year, the Eagles defense struggled to find their footing, so Davis and Dean are going to need to step up right away. I want to see how exactly they will be able to dominate on the field.

3. Brandon Graham‘s injury was really detrimental to the team last season. Since he missed a full year, I want to see how he comes back form the injury. When athletes face injuries, it affects them physically and mentally. I want to hope that BG is still the same BG, but we’ll just have to wait and see how exactly this injury affected him. Either way, the Eagles lost a leader last year, so they need that kind of direction back – especially on defense.

4. Jalen Hurts. His arm. Not his arm. His anticipation. His pocket presence. It’s always something. Hurts faced scrutiny throughout his career with the Eagles for a plethora of reasons. Yes, he has issues, but give the guy a break. He got his start after Carson Wentz was benched. There was a target on Hurts’ back from the get go. I want to see what he is able to do in camp now that the entire offseason was about getting the best weapons for him and to protect him.

Tuesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Eagles announced coaching staff promotions and new hires, found below.


Alex Tanney – Assistant Quarterbacks/Offensive Assistant

Dennard Wilson – Defensive Passing Game Coordinator/Defensive backs

Eric Dickerson – Offensive Quality Control

Jeremiah Washburn – Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers

Tyler Scudder – Defensive Assistant

New Hire

Scott Kaniecki – Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach

Stay tuned throughout the season as I provide more Philadelphia Eagles coverage in my beat, “Birds’ Eye View.”

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