‘After Hours til Dawn’ Tour first stop in Philadelphia, bringing “XO Humanitarian Fund” on tour

After a technical issue last week at what would have been his first official stop at Rogers Centre in Toronto, The Weeknd will kick off his “After Hours til Dawn Stadium Tour” this week on Thursday, July 14.

In tune with the “city of brotherly love,” the “Blinding Lights” singer will be using his platform to keep raising money for the “XO Humanitarian Fund,” powered by the United Nations World Food Programme.

Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye initially donated $500,000 to the fund. In addition to his contribution, The Weeknd is contributing $1 from each ticket sold in the North American tour. In recognition of the impact, the World Food Program USA’s Board of Directors and gracious donors will contribute $1 million.

“The goal with this fund is to provide immediate life-saving support to people who are on the brink of starvation. I’m so thankful to have WFP as a partner and to further expand our reach to those who need it most,” said Tesfaye.

The money from the fund will be used to assist families and communities in countries suffering the most from the hunger crisis. These countries include Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine.

The world faced a lot of issues, including worsening hunger, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic continues to cause issues across the globe, affecting the poorest and most vulnerable countries the most.

According to the WFP, the number of food-insecure people has doubled before the pandemic to 276 million people. It is estimated by the WFP that by the end of 2022, the continuing effects of the social, political and economic crises around the world would bump up that number to 323 million people.

“In the midst of a global food crisis, this unique partnership is allowing fans to step up, raise awareness and join the fight.” said Abigail Seiler, Senior Public Relations Manager of World Food Program USA.

A little less than 400 million people are facing severe hunger crises, swift action is needed to address the crisis. There is very little financial support meaning the affected countries are forced to prioritize who is more affected by this issue.

The Weeknd, however, will be working to raise more funds to give to these countries. The initiatives The Weeknd implemented are apart of a multi-year partnership to tackle hunger, especially focused on Ethiopia, where about 9.4 million people require urgent care. The singer’s parents also immigrated from there to Canada.

“We are grateful that The Weeknd is on this journey with us to fight global hunger. We cannot allow millions of children, women and men to starve when we have the food and expertise to save them,” said Barron Segar, President and CEO of World Food Program USA.

The Weeknd will be making two stops in our area: tomorrow, July 14 at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa. and Saturday, July 16 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

To learn more about World Food Programme and where to donate, visit the organization’s website.

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