Five serotonin-boosting experiences during game day

The Philadelphia Eagles end their regular season at home versus two NFC opponents, the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants. Home games for the Birds are a great experience for everyone no matter where you’re seated. 

In case you have tickets to any games this weekend, here are five serotonin boosting things you’ll experience at an Eagles game.

5. The fireworks

The Linc fireworks are pretty cool. They go off before the game, during touchdowns and after the game. It’s pretty cool to watch them, especially when you’re singing the Eagles Fight Song. It’s just an added bonus to the stadium that makes gameday fun – especially during an evening or night game.

4. Watching a TD happen a few yards ahead of you

This point may be specific to if you’re seated in the lower end zone area, but it’s definitely something you want to experience at some point. I was fortunate enough to get lower end zone seats for cheap during the Green Bay Packers game to which I shot a great video of the Quez Watkins touchdown. These experiences are magical.

3. The amount of high fives you’ll give (and receive)

Field goal. First downs. Sacks. Touchdowns. Interceptions. Turnovers. Whatever it is, be prepared to high five a bunch of random Eagles fans. When you get to your seats, survey who you’re going to be around because you’ll become friends with them quickly. Whatever good thing happens with the Eagles, be prepared to high-five those around you.

2. Cheesesteaks while cheering during a sack

I had a cheesesteak during the Packers game. I was in the lower level and can’t exactly remember where I got it from, but I know it was good. I really wanted to eat it while it was still hot, so naturally I ate it once we came back from halftime. I specifically remember trying to cheer while taking bites of the cheesesteak because Aaron Rodgers was sacked.

1. Eagles introductions

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the team being introduced with the electrifying “For Those About to Rock” playing throughout the stadium. It’s the perfect way to hype up fans before the game. Watching the players walk out of the locker room and through the tunnel as the infamous guitar riff plays under the stadium announcer. It gives me goosebumps every time. 

Whether in the nosebleeds or on the field, watching the Eagles on game day is a wonderful experience.

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