Birds’ Eye View: Eagles Training Camp – Beating the Heat (and Injuries)

After a quick, impressive opening day practice yesterday, the Eagles are taking today to focus on walkthroughs at the NovaCare Complex. This practice was not open to the public and also a very short day for the team.

Fans might be wondering if a short practice is counterproductive as they need time to get their already explosive team ready for Week 1, but that is not the case. Short practices keep the team from getting injured, especially since a handful of Eagles are working through COVID progressions.

Last season, 30 players were injured at some point. Whether questionable, out or completely on IR, the team faced a lot of adversities due to injuries. Having key players out, like Brandon Graham for the season and Josh Sweat with an emergency surgery right before playoffs is something the Eagles need to limit this year.

Having shorter practices is one of the best ways the team can limit injuries. Coming down from a heat wave and getting ready to face another one next week, the Eagles need to make sure they aren’t going to be affected by heat exhaustion, dehydration or other heat-related injuries.

Yesterday, we got a glimpse of the new and improved Eagles. After a sensational offseason and draft, the team’s could not be better. A.J. Brown chatted about DeVonta Smith and Jalen Hurts throughout his press conference, proving the chemistry and support for his fellow teammates. Brown talked about the trio getting to work early to put in more reps.

After last season’s defensive struggles, the team is switching things up this year. With the acquisition of Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis, the team is switching up defensive fronts. Adding Haason Redick and Kyzir White means that the team can utilize any combination of 4-3, 3-4, and 5-2 fronts with their dynamic defense this season.

The team has a long way to go with finalizing their depth chart. There is competition at right guard position. Isaac Seumalo, Jack Driscoll and Sua Opeta will get the opportunity to compete for the right guard spot since Brandon Brooks retired. Safety Marcus Epps is already making big plays, as he was the only one to pick off Hurts at yesterday’s practice. Unlike last year, the team is in a really good place with offensive and defensive linemen and talent overall.

Though walkthroughs are important for limiting injuries, the team also needs to make sure that they’re equally going hard on the practice days. Without proper warmups and the team dusting itself off, they could ultimately end up with injuries from under-preparing.  

The Eagles will get back to practicing tomorrow and Saturday. The first preseason game will be Friday, August 12 at 7:00 p.m. The Eagles will host the New York Jets.

Stay tuned throughout the season as I provide more Philadelphia Eagles coverage in my column, “Birds’ Eye View.”

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