Small business helps customers think “Presently”

In an age where we’re always doing everything all the time at an overwhelming rate, it’s hard to imagine a moment where we can stop and take care of ourselves. It seems like, though mental health awareness is becoming more of a social norm, it still feels far from reach.

Sisters, Lindsay and Emily Stetzer, sought to find a creative way to alleviate this problem.

During the summer of 2020, the Stetzers were looking for tools that could help diminish the anxiety and stress of everything that was going on. Emily was looking for something that could be there for her at all times like those she learned in therapy. However, in moments of intense anxiety, it can be hard to think of any tools to help you if it’s not already there.

Emily looked to having a bracelet as her constant tool to combat anxiety. After doing some research, she couldn’t find a bracelet that she thought could help her. Most jewelry had phrases that pertain more to staying positive and less focused on the cognitive-behavioral tools that had helped Emily after going to therapy.

Emily remembered a phrase that Lindsay taught her even before therapy, “My thoughts are passing clouds.”

Lindsay also wanted to share her mental health story on a platform that could help others who are facing similar issues. Both sisters are open about their mental health journey, noting that another reason for starting the business is because they both have OCD. Recovery in OCD oftentimes includes resisting compulsions and being able to overcome the uncomfortable anxiety. This is something both sisters try to help each other through.

“As sisters, we have the kind of relationship where we can really push each other to go outside of our comfort zones because we know how helpful it will be in the long run,” Emily said.

The birth of “Presently Bracelets”

With the quote Emily learned, as well as Lindsay wanting to share her mental health story in hopes of helping others, the two decided to start “Presently Bracelets,” a jewelry business that provides others with a fashionable cognitive-behavioral tool.

“The most rewarding experience has been hearing other people’s stories after we’ve shared our own,” Emily said.

Their customers have said that they never take off the bracelet as it’s a meaningful reminder they can wear. Their customers also listened to their story in a podcast episode and were in tears because “they felt so seen and heard,” one of the sisters’ original goals in starting Presently Bracelets.

“I received my bracelet to find that it is every bit as beautiful as the picture! It has been such a helpful reminder to have with me and I get compliments on how pretty it is. I ordered several other bracelets once I saw how lovely this one was. I am very thankful to have these inspiring words guiding my thoughts when anxiety tries to take over.” One customer said in a review.

Presently Bracelets donate $5 of every bracelet purchased to one of four mental health organizations that customers can choose from: Anxiety and Depression Association of America, International OCD Foundation, National Alliance of Mental Illness in NYC or the Child Mind Institute.

Anyone interested in purchasing a fashionable reminder that can alleviate their anxiety can visit the Presently Bracelets website. Their Instagram also provides more information about the bracelets as well as different tools and strategies for coping with anxiety.

“We’re lucky to have this support system, and we know that many people do not have that. We wanted to be that annoying little nudge that could encourage others to sit with the anxiety, and not push it away.” Emily said.

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