Eagles Mailbag: Answering Your Draft Questions

Ahead of the long-awaited draft tomorrow, I wanted to get your last minute questions about where the Eagles are with this year’s draft.


A: Travis Jones from University of Connecticut. He’s been circulating in the draft talks and I just don’t think he’s talked about enough. He had an outstanding performance at the Reese’s Senior Bowl, and he could really help out a lot of teams that struggled defensively this past season.
A: I think there’s a lot of good wide receivers in the draft, so it feels like Drake London has definitely fallen down everyone’s brands. As of right now, however, he’s still in the overall top 10 according to the NFL, so it feels like he’s still pretty much properly rated.

@rpgrams on Instagram asked: “Biggest need for the Eagles and why?”

A: They need a handful of defensive talent. Cornerback and edge are two key pieces the Eagles need. I think if they focus on them as soon as possible, then they can work on the other stuff. I also don’t doubt that the Eagles might tackle getting a wide receiver in the first round, which is not something I’m opposed to either.

@mr_sports18 on Instagram asked: “Will Howie screw up again? Or will he actually make a good decision, like DeVonta Smith?”

A: I think this is a fantastic question. With Howie, it’s always a toss-up, and sometimes not for the better. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt tomorrow and see what he does with these first round picks. Honestly, I don’t think Howie will screw up.

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