Counting down to the crown: Miss New Jersey 2023

Author’s Note: This article will frequently be updated as more Miss NJ candidates discuss their journeys to the crown. Keep checking back as more candidates will be highlighted on this article.

Preparing for a pageant might only seem like a day-long endeavor. For Miss New Jersey, however, preparation begins a year prior.

Miss New Jersey 2023 is less than a month away, but it’s exactly a month until a new young woman will represent the Garden State at the Miss America competition. Many women throughout New Jersey will vie for this title under the new Miss America rules, which means preparation for the phases of competition that changed.

Meet Mallous: Miss New Jersey 2022

School: Hofstra University

CSI: #StopTheTraffic: Human Trafficking Awareness & Eradication

One thing remains the same: each of the women’s dedication and passion to serving her community with the hope to do that at the state level, like Miss New Jersey 2022 Augostina Mallous.

During her reign, Mallous advocated for her social impact, “#StopTheTraffic,” an advocacy and action plan to end human trafficking. She was able to achieve these goals through passing legislation and getting the community informed on how to get help, spot trafficking and keep each other safe.

Unfortunately, this has been a major issue in the state, but Mallous continued to work to provide education, resources and steps towards a safer state during her reign.

“Being Miss New Jersey has been an extraordinary journey, filled with abundant opportunities and countless moments of growth.” Mallous said. “This year has allowed me to make meaningful impacts that extend far beyond the superficial. I am eternally grateful for the experiences, the connections, and the chance to leave every room better than I found it.”

Now, another hardworking young woman will represent the Garden State in one month. Mallous will pass the reigns to another remarkable young woman to advocate for her social impact. Some of these impacts include various mental health causes, animal rights advocacy and even career readiness initiatives.

“Although I’m having bittersweet feelings during this time, I am looking forward to witnessing the transformative journey of the next Miss New Jersey.” Mallous said. “As I reflect on this remarkable year, I am reminded that true success lies not in the titles we hold, but in the positive impact we make on the world.”

Meet the Delegates

Below are just a few of the fantastic titleholders vying for Miss New Jersey.

Miss Bergen County, Valerie Randazzo

CSI: Shop Secondhand: Ending the Fast Fashion Movement

“I am relatively new to Miss America but I have been loving every second of this experience. My talent is gymnastics, and part of the reason I participated in my first local was because I missed competing and practicing my sport. A lot of my preparation especially for talent has been really exciting. I work full time as a marketer and also have my own small business, so a lot of my preparations for Miss New Jersey have been late at night and on lunch breaks. My small business and Community Service Initiative aims to inspire others to make more ethical fashion choices through secondhand clothing, and hearing the feedback from my peers and members of my community has made me feel like my message is really resonating. I’m thrilled to continue building on the momentum over the next month to hopefully continue inspiring others that it’s not too late to return to an old passion, and inspire change within your community while doing so.”

Miss Cape Resort, Brooke Birbilis

CSI: The Arts of Academia

“For me preparing for Miss New Jersey has been some of the most rewarding work; getting to further my work on my CSI has been amazing, but the people I have had the opportunity of meeting has been something words cannot explain. Everything involved in preparation has not only been rewarding, I am so lucky and excited to spend the Miss New Jersey week with these women who inspire me everyday!”

Miss Cape Shores, Victoria Mozitis

CSI: L.E.A.P.: Literacy Enhancement, Artistry and Performance

“My year as Miss Cape Shores has been nothing short of wonderful. One of the points of the crown is service. I am a people-person, and I find so much joy in serving my community and connecting with people. I’ve been able to meet people from all walks of life, listen to their stories, and share mine with them. One of the most rewarding things to hear as a titleholder is, “I feel like you’re my friend!” Through these comments and through sculpting interpersonal connections with the people of New Jersey, we’re able to make the job of Miss New Jersey more accessible and attainable!”

Miss Gloucester County, Ashley Campbell

CSI: One Step Forward: Advocating for Marginalized Mental Health

“My time as Miss Gloucester County has been nothing short of a blessing! I love being able to share my initiative with everyone I cross paths with, grow as a person and give back to MAO since MAO has given me so much. Miss New Jersey is shortly approaching, so preparation is underway! Prepping takes patience, self love and a village but it’s all worth it.”

Miss Harbor Shores, Amanda Peacock

CSI: Just Drive #ItCanWait

“This year will be my fourth time competing for the opportunity to become Miss New Jersey. I have gone in with a different mindset when it comes to preparing this year, and I am so excited and ready for this year’s competition. Throughout my year of service as Miss Harbor Shores, I have focused on connecting with and serving my community, promoting Miss America’s relevancy, and advocating for my CSI: distracted driving awareness.”

Miss Northern Lights, Emily Lynd

CSI: Education on Plastic Pollution

“Preparing for Miss New Jersey has been a crazy experience. This is my first year competing and it has been so much fun. From preparing with mock interviews to gown shopping, every step of the way I have learned more about this organization and myself. I have become a better woman from this experience and I am so grateful for it!”

Miss Seashore Line, Amy Phillips

CSI: Career Kickstart

I feel ready and equipped to take on Miss New Jersey week, and possibly the job if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity. This will be my sixth state pageant (3 years at teen, and 3 years at Miss), and each year, I feel more and more relaxed by this point in my preparation. I’ve learned that this is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. I’ve accepted that everyone’s preparation looks different. I’ve found my priorities: preparing how I want to direct my interview, working out and eating clean to feel confident onstage and have more energy for my talent (dance), and strengthening my mental game. This year, I’ve heavily focused on devotionals, self reflection, and journaling to gather my thoughts on how I can best present Amy to the judges. Ultimately, I find peace knowing that what is meant for me will not pass me by.

Miss Stars and Stripes, Taylor Veigel

CSI: 4 Paws, 1 Cause

“Preparing for Miss New Jersey has been a journey I’ve experienced that is like no other. I’ve learned not only the ins and outs of how to ready myself for every phase of competition, but so much about myself and what I need to take care of me. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to spend a week alongside Jersey’s finest women and make beautiful memories that will last in our hearts forever.”

2023 Competition Info

Miss New Jersey 2023 takes place at Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey starting June 15 at 8PM. The competition spans three days with two groups of contestants doing different phases of the competition each night. The third night, June 17 will introduce the top 10 and dwindle down from there to the crowning of Miss NJ 2023. The after-party will follow in the Resorts Hotel and Casino Ocean Ballroom.

Miss New Jersey’s Teen (previously Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen) will take place June 17 at 1PM.

Can’t make it to the competition? You can livestream the three-night competition anywhere at anytime. Click here for more information.

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