Eagles Lane Johnson shares mental health awareness on Twitter

Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson is one tough guy. The 6’6, 325-pound bear has swallowed up opposing defenses last season to help get the team back to another Super Bowl. He has incredible skill and power in the game that makes him one of the better offensive lineman in the league.

His toughness is off the field, too. Johnson, who became open about his struggles with mental illness, regularly advocates for mental health awareness and action.

The NFL Twitter highlighted just one thing Johnson does to discuss mental health advocacy.

In a #MentalHealthMonday Twitter series, Johnson offers bits of advice and insight when it comes to mental health. He discusses topics ranging from vulnerability to “attacking the monster.”

Johnson spent this offseason discussing his mental health journey and inspiring others to be forward about the topic as well. This past week, Johnson spoke at a local Jewish family service facility with NBC Sports Philadelphia reporter, John Clark emceeing.

Johnson’s athleticism on the field is inspiring, but his incredible work off the field to continue advocating for mental health awareness is equally as important.

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