2023 NFL Draft: NFC North Breakdown

With the NFL Draft around the corner, let’s take a look at each NFL team’s biggest needs heading into the Draft so they can guarantee success next season.

Today, I’m analyzing the NFC North, a now wide-open division as Aaron Rodgers is set to depart from the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers

Well, it’s been quite an interesting offseason for the Packers as they’re saying their final goodbyes to Aaron Rodgers. This team had its first playoff-less season since 2018, and the team is in need of a major overhaul if they want to get back to that success. They finished 8-9 in the 2022-23 season.

Overall Draft Picks: 15, 45, 78, 116, 149, 170, 232, 235

Key Needs: TE, SAF, EDGE, QB, WR

Potential First-Round Pick: TE Dalton Kincaid from Utah

Kincaid has excellent technique when the ball is within his vicinity. He has a great arm length and strong hands which will work well in the Packers’ offense. 

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a quiet offseason following their 13-4 season. They made it to the first round of the playoffs where they lost to the New York Giants, who went on to lose against the first-seeded soon-to-be NFC Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. There’s a few question marks surrounding this team, but right now is a prime time for them to get it together in an unknown division.

Overall Draft Picks: 23, 87, 119, 158, 211

Key Needs: WR, CB, EDGE, RB, IOL

Potential First-Round Pick: EDGE Nolan Smith from Georgia

Smith has an explosive first step that complements his quick and nimble footwork on the field. He’s a versatile player who could boost the Vikings’ defense who had some issues last season.

Detroit Lions

The Lions improved greatly in the offseason that turned their previous record around to have them finish 9-8. The young team has a lot to look forward to as they continue to improve and potentially be a dark horse in the NFC.

Draft Picks: 6, 18, 48, 55, 81, 152, 183, 194

Key Needs: CB, SAF, LB, TE, QB

Potential First-Round Pick: QB Anthony Richardson from Florida

The team met with Richardson recently, so it’s almost a match made in heaven. He has tremendous arm strength and elasticity and is able to get the ball zipping through the sky to his offensive weapons. He could be a huge help to the Lions as they continue rebuilding.

Chicago Bears

The Bears are looking to build around Fields and give him the best possible chances to succeed next season. This is very apparent in some of the offensive lineman positions they’ll be looking for to beef up the protection around Fields. The Bears have already picked up some great talent in the offseason, but if they play their cards right in the draft, they may finish higher than 9-8 like last season.

Draft Picks: 9, 53, 61, 64, 103, 133, 136, 148, 218, 258

Key Needs: EDGE, IDL, OT, IOL, WR

Potential First-Round Pick: EDGE Myles Murphy from Clemson

Murphy is a powerful player with consistency in his movement. He has quick bursts and incredible length that gives him the ability to knock off linemen and quickly get at the quarterback. Considering the quarterback questions in the NFC North, particularly on the Packers, Murphy could have the advantage of preparing for any quarterback he has to get after.

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