March Madness: Best Bets for 3/18

Surely, your bracket must be busted now. But have no fear, you can still focus on some of these great bets for today’s matchups. You can find more fantastic bets at

Missouri-Princeton O147.5 (-110, BetMGM)

Sources: just trust me bro.

No seriously, Princeton is crazy good and riding the energy from the first round. But I think Missouri is going to be on their heels this entire game. It’s going to be a great matchup between two talented “Tiger” offenses (try saying that five times fast.)

Alabama & Kansas to win (-109, BetMGM)

I mean this is a given, right? Right??? There’s no way there’s going to be ANOTHER first seed upset right? RIGHT??? Seems like a given but I don’t see the point in taking them separately when you can parlay them together and get more value.

Penn State-Texas 1st Half O 64.5 (-120, BetMGM)

I feel like this is another one of those games where the two teams are going to go back and forth. I like the energy that Penn State has coming into this game, but Texas is a force to be reckon with.

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