March Madness Bracket: My Picks, Full Bracket

3 Teams I Like:

  • Marquette (2): I think this team has the opportunity to go far (and all the way) in the tourney. I like them against their matchups.
  • UConn (4): Very biased, but unfortunately I do not see UConn going all the way. I think they’re a fun team to root for though, and who knows? They might get far in the tournament.
  • Houston (1): A 1st seed team I think has a great path to the Final Four.

3 Teams I Don’t:

  • Purdue (1): I’ve seen enough inconsistencies from Purdue to know they’re going to be the first 1st seed in the tournament to get knocked out.
  • Furman (13): Furman’s defense is going to be their downfall early. I like Virginia to have their way and get the W, but should Furman take the win today, they’re going to get knocked out eventually.
  • Alabama (1): I know, I know. Most people have them going all the way however I think karma is going to catch up with them. I see them making the Final Four and losing to Marquette in a big upset game.

Final Four:

  • Marquette (2)
  • Xavier (3)
  • Alabama (1)
  • Kansas (1)

Good Value Futures:

  • Marquette Final 4 (+400)
  • Kansas Outright (+800): They have a hard path to go, but if they make it to the Final Four, they’re going all the way.
  • Creighton, Marquette, Xavier Sweet 16 (+775)

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