Birds’ Eye View LIVE: Super Bowl Week – Opening Night

Follow along for Super Bowl LVII updates regarding Opening Night when the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs take to the podium to address the media this week.

How The Eagles Got Here

The Philadelphia Eagles had one Wild Card blowout loss last year against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that was enough for them to turn everything around. It began with a quiet offseason. Not much happened until Draft Night when the Eagles made a trade that would soon put the Eagles on the map. After trading a first-round pick for A.J. Brown from the Tennessee Titans, the Eagles got to work.

They picked up other great players in the draft, including two College Football National Champions Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis to give the defense a facelift.

Along the way, the Eagles picked up Haason Reddick, CJ Gardner-Johnson and other great guys to fix the issues the team had and simultaneously built around Hurts. Hurts also put in the work by training with Tom Brady and hitting the gym.

Now, came the preseason. Winning just one of their three games but showing promise from the season prior, the Eagles were in for a season to prove themselves. They did just that by going undefeated for much of the season.

Then, they faced the Washington Commanders for a second time in the season and had an uncharacteristic bad game, suffering their first loss on the season, 32-21.

That didn’t stunt the Eagles’ progress, however, they got right back up and continued winning their next five games. There lies an issue with that fifth game, where Jalen Hurts went down with a shoulder injury in the Bears game. He continued to play, but obviously, it was best for him to get healthy and sit out as they’d make the playoffs.

The next two games were probably the hardest for Eagles fans to watch this season. The Eagles suffered two losses with Gardner Minshew at quarterback and missing a few key players to injuries. As the team was looking to clinch the first seed, that didn’t happen until the final game of the season versus the Giants when Hurts came back in.

After that, the playoffs were a breeze. Injured players came back and the Eagles looked like the Eagles again. In their playoff run, they outscored their playoff opponents 69-14.

After Brock Purdy went down with an injury in the NFC Conference Championship, the Eagles were able to take control of the game and win en route to Super Bowl LVII.

Now, they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs with a plethora of awesome storylines. Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce will be the first brothers to play against each other. Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are the first two black quarterbacks to start in the Super Bowl. Most importantly, Andy Reid faces his former team once again.

Opening Night Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs take to the podium to address the media on Monday night. The Eagles, this year’s “home team” will address the media first, from 8-9pm EST (6-7pm MST). The Chiefs will follow from 10-11 pm EST (8-9pm EST).

You can watch the opening night pressers on NFL Network, ESPN2, FS1, the NFL Game Pass and the NFL mobile app.

Who’s Available to Speak

Eagles Head Coach: Nick Sirianni

Eagles Players: Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Jordan Mailata, Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Darius Slay and Miles Sanders

Chiefs Head Coach: Andy Reid

Chiefs Players: Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Frank Clark, Orlando Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Isiah Pacheco, Nick Bolton, L’Jarius Sneed, Jerick McKinnon

Opening Night Updates

Eagles Team Captains: Jalen Hurts, Fletcher Cox, Jake Elliott, Brandon Graham, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce and Darius “Big Play” Slay

Stay tuned for live updates from Opening Night from the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

Mama Kelce: “For both to enjoy the Super Bowl together, it’s amazing,”

Head Coach: Nick Sirianni

Sirianni had nothing but reflection when asked about his time in Philly and as a head coach. Reflecting on his second preseason game with the Birds, he was wondering why the fans were booing him. His wife saying, “What did you give them to cheer about?”

In his second year with the team, Sirianni says “You look at it one day at a time,” having no expectations for what can happen in a season.

Coming to Philly, Sirianni felt like he had an edge. “I wasn’t like other head coaches.” He noted having two 10-year veterans on offense (Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce) and defense (Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox) “We have these unbelievable leads on our team that starts with those four guys.” noting that it “isn’t easy to be in the NFL for that long.”

Sirianni says he feels “like I live and coach in the greatest sports town in America.” He’s happy to have him and his kids grow in the Philadelphia sports culture.

“I grew up the biggest Michael Jordan fan.” “It’s the will to win f Jalen Hurts, that’s what I’m comparing it to,”

“I guess we’re gonna have to wait and find out for Sunday,” on if he has any “Philly Special” plays this year.

Quarterback: Jalen Hurts

“I didn’t work this hard to stay the same, you put all this work in I put all this work in to have opportunities like this,”

“Everything comes from the heart, I prepare and try to think about something that will get the guys going, but like I said, I don’t need to say too much,”

“I think the game has evolved and it’s continuing to evolve before our eyes, that’s a beautiful thing to see to be apart of this history, it’s a blessing,”

“I always joke around with people saying that Texas is the quarterback powerhouse. I think football and Texas is so special something that I grew up on.”

“We come here, we come prepared, we just want to go out there and play our best game when we need it most.” “We just wanna go put it all out there on Sunday.”

“One thing that I’ve always talked about is the importance of consistency from a coaching position, that is something I haven’t really had throughout my career. I use it all to my advantage.”

“I leaned on my faith, I leaned on my foundation, my family, the things that I believed in and the people that around me through everything,”

“Having a full woman team and a full female team and Nicole is leading the way, she’s doing a great job,”

“We come out here with a goal in mind and reflect on all the work that we put in to get to this point. We just want to go out there and give it our best,”

“It’s been so cool to be able to play with guys that I played with in college. I look in that locker room and I see guys that I’ve known for a very long time. It goes back to high school football camps as a kid. Playing with AJ, getting my best friend to come here and build our relationship with everyone that’s been here, I think it’s a special thing.”

Wide Receiver: A.J. Brown

Top 5 QBs of all time: Joe Montana

“I think I’ve grown maturity wise, kinda had to learn the hard way as a business. I think my game just kind of speaks for itself.”

“I’d be a baseball player if I weren’t a football player.”

“I like to say he turns the lights on and off in the building. He gets there before me, and I get there early,” on Hurts.

A.J.’s Favorite Color: Light Blue

That FaceTime call (on draft night) kinda spoke for itself. We were just both happy and like I said earlier, I guess you could say it all worked out. We’re all just trying to finish the job.”

“Right now, I don’t have too much excitement for it just because it’s so far away.”

“I would say that first loss,” “I feel like we did really well responding having that first adversity,” After his first loss.

“I think we got a lot of playmakers, and I think Jalen does a really good job at just spreading the ball around,” “Whenever we want to do something extra, then we get the green light to do it,”

“I talk to BG, he’s been here he’s done it, he’s helped us out a lot he’s talking to us a lot and just giving us advice about it,”

Running Back: Miles Sanders

“What’s impressive about Lane? A lot. The way he approaches the work, the way he comes to work, how focused he is when he’s on the field, as soon as his feet touch the field, he’s focused. Honestly, you gotta give a lot of credit to a dude that has a torn abdomen and goes out there and plays at a high level and basically shuts down the AFC Defensive Player of the Year,”

Guilty Pleasure: “I’ll go with Jhene Aiko and SZA”

“I’m gonna go my boy, Saquon first, I’m gonna go with Christian McCaffrey second, Alvin Kamara third, Nick Chubb fourth and I gotta go Derrick Henry, too, but I’m gonna throw one more in there. I’m a big Aaron Jones fan, too.”

“I always play with a big chip on my shoulder, every year, it doesn’t really change. But this year, it was kind of one of those years where I just wanted to make everybody feel me, so I just took it upon myself to just control what I can control,”

“The type of guys that we got in our [running back] room and it’s just crazy. It don’t matter if it’s me in there, don’t matter if it’s Boston in there, don’t matter if it’s Kenny. Ya’ll kinda see my reaction, I’m the biggest fan on the sidelines so I love when when they’re balling out out there consistently and getting their touches because I know they can easily probably be a star running back somewhere else. But I love those guys,”

“One guy to go into a fight with? Lane Johnson.”

Top Three Music: NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby and Future

“Coach Steichen? That’s my dog right there. He’s on fire. He’s one of those feisty guys. He knows he’s gonna call a play and he’s gonna grin because he knows that play is gonna work. He’s a great coach, good vibes and he’s gonna keep putting us in positions to score,”

“I’m just happy that I’m apart of the Super Bowl. To be apart of it and I can say that I played and in the first Super Bowl with two black quarterbacks. It’s not just, I don’t look at it as just two black, we have two very good quarterbacks going head-to-head this year and it’s gonna be a fun one to watch,”

Favorite Jewelry: Pittsburgh Pete

Top Three RBs to Watch: LaDamian Tomlinson, LeVeon Bell, Fred Taylor

If Miles wasn’t an athlete, he’d be a comedian. “I don’t got any jokes, but I think I’m pretty funny,”

“I’m not big on big ra-ra speeches, I’m just simply, ‘It’s the game of our lives,’” “We didn’t come here just to be here,” Keeping it simple when talking about words of advice.

Center: Jason Kelce

Kelce talked about how it’s an “incredible moment” for him and his family, noting that whatever brother wins will have ultimate bragging rights. Kelce mentioned he is always proud of what his brother does.

The Kelce brothers were “always on the same team” growing up.

“There were a lot of veteran guys,” Kelce talked about in his first Eagles Super Bowl – nodding to Chris Long, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, among others. His advice for younger guys: don’t feed into the distractions.

“I don’t know when it’s coming, but it’s coming, I’m just trying to enjoy this moment right now,” Kelce says on his retirement.

“I’ll probably see him a little bit this week,” Jason says on if he will get to be with Travis at all this week.

Right Tackle: Lane Johnson

“Being here I’m just soaking it in, year 10, that’s really it, just uphill with my guys.”

“I was talking to Kelce, this team is different than the 2017 team. I feel like the expectations were low for that team, you weren’t expecting them to do much, but this year, I just feel like the group of veterans we had brought tremendous leadership and as I’ve gotten older I realize that I’m trying to be more patient and take it in and enjoy the people that I’m with in the process with,”

Music: Soundgarden, “A lot of rock” and Future

“Focus on what you need to focus, enjoy yourself when you can and really treat it like a normal week, don’t change your process up. And that’s really it, don’t let the external factors control what you’re doing,”

“We like to start the game fast, we like to limit those guys and what they’re good at. They do have a variety of packages they can beat you with but if you can keep them on four down, they kinda dictate that with running the ball on time of possession. That’s why we talk about the run game, it’s so vital. Every game is different, we’ve had to win in the air and win on the ground this year,”

“When you get in the huddle, it’s all about communication. We have different calls sometimes two plays in one. Sometimes a different cadence, you really have to go in there and listen. Sometimes it’s loud so when you’re playing a Super Bowl or playing on the road it can be difficult as far as communication and hearing,”

Music: Sam Cook, Future, Migos, Taylor Swift “I’ve got a little bit of everything in my playlist.”

Left Tackle: Jordan Mailata

On Jason Kelce, Mailata has nothing but major flowers to the veteran, “Jason Kelce is the epitome of a leader, I have him as my screensaver as Batman that’s how much of a leader he is to me,” He said, “He leads by example.”

“I mean, yeah, it’s only just begun still writing the story. Just trying to do my best man, every day, putting my best foot forward and whatever happens, happens. Whatever gets written is done. Hopefully I can walk away from this sport and leave a legacy that I’m proud of and something that will stay in America forever.”

“This is the closest group I’ve been a part of my whole life and I commend Sirianni for that. Coach did a great job of expressing how we need to connect as a brotherhood and it started last year,”

“For me, it’s a little bit different. I’ve only been dreaming about this for five years. So for me, it’s not as pent-up as my teammates. They’ve been dreaming about this since they were kids. For me, I’m living through them and with them.”

“For me, I’m just honored that I get to have this platform and try and pave the way but the way was already paved from guys like Troy Polamalu and everybody else, to be honest,”

Linebacker: Haason Reddick

“It’s a blessing to be home, balling with my hometown team in front of my friends, my family, people who grew up watching me play football. It’s just been a blessing,”

“Getting to the NFL level, you gotta understand I come from a place where a lot of people don’t make it out.”

“My family means everything to me, part of the reason why I even came back home. Outside of fulfilling my own childhood dream and playing for the Eagles, the next reason was coming back home to be closer to my mom, my dad, my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles,”

“I don’t think I get enough respect as a pass rusher. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion at the end of the day. The stats, the numbers, the things that I’m doing don’t lie,”

“Which teammate was a big inspiration for me this season? So many of them, honestly. Like to sit here and just say one person, I would be lying. All of my teammates in some way, some form, some fashion have impacted me or have some type of impact on me and my game just because coming here it’s really like a brotherhood. They embraced me, they showed me love as soon as I walked through those doors on day one,”

Defensive End: Brandon Graham

“I think the second time around I kind of understand what to do a little more from that first one. I think the weather is better, it’s gonna be a great game, and just happy to be able to be here because you know it isn’t easy to be here,”

“I’m always indebted to him because he gave me my opportunity in this league he believed in me to draft me in the first round.”

“I’m enjoying it so much more, I’m live right now just letting the people enjoy just some of the stuff that we get to go through,” “Recording little snippets of stuff because that’s what you look back on,”

“When I got hurt, I definitely said a prayer, I told the Lord, ‘Man, I know that this is a time that I can spend with my family, more time that I probably haven’t had in a long time.’ That’s what I did. I took it one day at a time, I got stronger with my word and just enjoyed serving.”

“Well Jalen’s attitude I’m not worried about him at all. I just know everything I’m gonna see is gonna be in practice. I know Jalen is gonna be Jalen on Sunday and gonna give us the best opportunity,” Reiterates the idea that it’s just another game.

“I’m excited for Philly because we don’t get a lot of respect,”

Defensive End: Fletcher Cox

“We just hold each other accountable, we compliment each other,” “When you’re doing stuff like that its so special,”

“We gotta continue to do what we’re doing,” “When we got an opportunity to get him on the ground, we get him on the ground,”

“I got a lot to think about, just taking it year by year as I always do,”

“Offensively, I think both sides run the ball. Defensively, we stop the run. We’re just aggressive with everything that we do. So, you have to take those things right there and it’s a different team, different players, different style of defense, different style of offense, different quarterback, different play callers on offense. There’s so many things that go along with it. I think what really got us to this point is the way that we can run the ball on offense and on defense get our ball back.”

On Andy: “He gave me a chance, he drafted me and they believed in me. I’ve just been enjoying it,”

“It’s a long week and the biggest thing about it is, I told them, once you get Opening Night and Tuesday out of the way, it’s all about focus. Those kinda things go back to normal.”

“When Jalen speaks, I’m listening. It’s important. We have to grasp what he’s saying. And everything he’s saying is true because there’s so many steps and so many miles to the top and we’re not done yet,”

“This team is so close, and it don’t matter what position you’re in, what position you’re playing, it don’t matter. You got guys that hang out it don’t matter Aryn Siposs might be playing ping pong with TJ, or Jake might be playing ping pong with TJ…We spend so much time together,”

If Fletcher didn’t play football, he’d play baseball. “I’d be a good first baseman,”

Cornerback: Darius “Big Play” Slay

“Me catch a pick, me throw it to Bradberry, then Bradberry throw that thing to Tay on the other side – Tay go score, and then while we go score, Chauncey come do our celebration with all of us,” on the “Slay Special.”

“Well I like to go by my last name, I’m a Jr. The only person that really kind of calls me ‘Darius’ is my grandma, and them my mama calls me “baby” a lot, but Slay just sounds better.”

“Nobody like Philly fans, but we love them,”

“All the boys are tough to guard in practice, I go against A.J. and Smitty and Dallas, too,”

“My script said that I would get picked first round, first pick. But it didn’t happen, so my script was wrong. I’m thankful for any script I was given, I’m thankful for where I’m at today,”

“I went through a lot but it’s cool though. I was ready for moments like that and I’m thankful for being in this position and just play the game I love,”

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