“4th & Jawn” tailgate ends Eagles season with a pre-victory bang

For those who aren’t familiar, 4th & Jawn is an established Eagles podcast ran by four guys – Gayle Saunders, Evan Hearn, Lucky “Prime” Luciano Concepcion Jr and Chris Mallee – who expanded to hosting great tailgates every home game.

The tailgates did not stop when the Eagles season wrapped up. With the road to the Super Bowl coming through Philadelphia, the 4th and Jawn crew prepared to host hundreds of fans throughout the Eagles playoff run.

The tailgate is always free, you just have to bring the good vibes and football cheer. The crew partners with a Philly bakery, Conshohocken Italian Bakery to hand out Eagles-themed tomato pies. By the way, they’re delicious.

Photo via Conshohocken Italian Bakery website.

They also provide Bud Light beer and cheesesteaks and food from the crew. Take a look at this greatly deemed “action shot” from Alexander James Lavine, serving up macaroni and cheese. Has anyone ever had garlic in their cornbread? Too good.

Photo / Jennifer McGraw

The DJ keeps the tunes going all throughout the afternoon to keep you hyped up and ready for the game – wherever you watch from!

For Jordan Smith, honorary Eagles fan for the day, she enjoyed her first experience with the tailgate in the City of Brotherly Love.

“For my first ever tailgate, I didn’t know what to expect but it was a super fun environment to get hyped up for the game.” Smith said. “I was surprised at the generosity of the people, strangers were sharing their own beverages, there was free food (and some of the best Buffalo Mac and Cheese EVER) and the music was even better. Along with that seeing the eagles then win that game made the whole day complete, and I would love to go to another tailgate at some point,”

I sat down with avid Eagles fan and 4th and Jawn tailgater, Chase McNeill earlier in the season who thought the same great message about the Birds year round.

“When it comes to the tailgate, it’s so hard to put into words how It feels. It feels like a holiday – picking out special outfits [and] drinking and eating way more than you usually do.” McNeill said.

With the 4th and Jawn tailgate, you feel like family. Even Eagles wives’ Jennifer Slay and Katya Suh pop out for a good time.

Though the 4th and Jawn tailgates officially wrapped up for the season, they’ll be back in September with the same fire and great vibes with the crew. For now, the crew is busy in Mobile for the Senior Bowl and continuing to push out content before the Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl.

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