Five football nonprofits you can still give to after Giving Tuesday

Change Our Future

The organization was started by current Indianapolis Colts safety, Rodney McLeod, alongside his wife Erika to currently bring enrichment to the youth in Philadelphia, Maryland and Indianapolis.

NFL Alumni

The NFL Alumni’s mission is to care for “Our Own,” “Our Kids” and “Our Community” by providing health, wellness, education, career and other enriching resources to former members of the National Football League.

Beat the Streets Philly

Beat the Streets Philly is an organization that provides support for children so they can grow up to be productive citizens in their community.

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation is on the list for the same reason as the others – and no other particular reason. In all seriousness, the foundation brings positive change in youth lives with a focus on underserved communities.

Eagles Autism Foundation

The Eagles Autism Foundation tackles autism with advocacy, research, empathy and unity.

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