Birds’ Eye View: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from the Eagles Win

WIN: Well, it didn’t start pretty, but it certainly ended beautifully. The Eagles are now 4-0 and still sole undefeated team of the NFL since 2004.

There was good, there was bad and there certainly was ugly parts to today’s game. Let’s discuss.

The Good: Running the Ball

Whether wet or dry weather, running the ball is never a bad option.

I honestly don’t care if the NFL is trying to become more of a passing league, running the ball is such a safe option for any team. One of the biggest things the Eagles needed today was ball security because of the weather.

If we compare to what happened versus the Jaguars today, there was a lot of fumbles on both sides. Dropped passes, too. The Eagles managed to run the ball against the first-ranked rush defense in the NFL. That tells you all you need to know about how crucial running the ball is – especially in these situations.

I still believe Hurts should throw the ball, especially since he’s shown how far he can throw. Sometimes, however, I think we need to continue putting faith in our running backs. Miles Sanders, for instance, had a beautiful (and much-needed) day today.

The (Somewhat) Bad: A Taste of Explosive Offenses

Until the Eagles got a grip on the Jaguars offense, the team was running circles around Philadelphia today. So many wide receivers were open and made big plays early in the game. This is going to happen for some of the harder teams the Eagles will face this season, including playoff teams.

The Eagles officially met their match today with an actual competent offense. If the Eagles let up, they’ll have a harder time coming back. It’s better for the Eagles to get out front before their opponent does. The best way they can do this? Steal the momentum by being the explosive team first. The Eagles are more than competent enough to be able to execute at this level against teams this season.

The next time the Eagles will face strong offenses will be against the Packers, Cowboys, Colts and Steelers (in my opinion.) Do I think the Eagles are able to win these matchups? Yes. They are going to be harder teams later in the season. Hopefully the Eagles can remain healthy, something that was quite a scare in today’s matchup.

On the up side, when you put players like Haason Reddick in positions to succeed (aka be a pass rusher) you get sacks, fumbles and loss for yards all in the same day.

The Ugly: Injuries Begin

Listen, no one wants to talk about it, but we need Darius “Big Play” Slay to be okay. He’s made his way to the injury report for throughout the season so far, and today’s game provided some potential scary news for the Eagles.

Jordan Mailata was another big name to be out of the game early. He’s not a player we want to lose either, so the Eagles really need to utilize those rest days and continue to work to have the players at 100%.

Patrick Johnson left the game with a concussion. After the situation with Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, it’s going to be imperative that the Eagles monitor Johnson and keep him resting for as much as possible.

Another blow to the team was when Jake Elliott went down for a moment with an injury. Though he popped back up, took some Tylenol and put three points back on the board, his injury will be something to monitor.

A few other guys got injured and shaken up during the day, so hopefully the Birds can bounce back and recover from those injuries.

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