Her Perspective: New Brand, Now What?

Hello – again!

This is the rebranded version of Her PROFspective, a monthly (or semi-monthly) column about what’s going on in my life with some sort of aspect of spirituality.

Now that my time at Rowan is done, I feel like I wanted to keep this going because it’s a nice “monthly checkpoint” to see where I’m at and experiment with the column.

But much like this newly branded “Her Profspective” post, I had some time to think about ways I wanted to rebrand myself as well.

I’m a recent college graduate from Rowan University. After four years of an interesting college career, I feel like I turned a page on who I became now during my senior year.

But even after college, I feel like I could do more to rebrand myself and kind of reinvent who I am. Now is the perfect opportunity to become the person I’d like to be at this stage in my life. So, what could I do differently? What could stay the same? There’s a world of opportunities and a number of ways I could answer this question. I’ve bulleted a few below.

1. I want to be more involved in self care (and proper self care.)

One thing that I really regretted during my college career (and while working) is that I put those other things first instead of putting myself first. I lost a lot of sleep, skipped meals and had mental health issues because I wasn’t properly taking care of myself.

Until I have a more stable 9-5 (and even then, I’m going to try to develop some sort of self care routine) I’m going to focus on keeping a productive routine and get things done that I want to get done, while also focusing on self care.

2. I want to read more.

If you’re being forced to read, especially in school, it’s not really fun. I think that’s the thing that steered me away from casual reading the most. Now that I’m done school, I do want to get back into it because I get better at writing through reading.

I have a few books that I’ve started and never finished. Those will be the ones I finish over the summer, then buy more for the colder months. I want to get into the self-help genre, too. Even though self-help isn’t going to help me become a better sports journalist, it will help me in other aspects of my life.

3. I want to keep growing my healing crystal collection, and even dive further into spirituality.

If you know me, you already know I have an insane healing crystal collection. I’ve always had a fascination with rocks growing up, but somehow it developed into a liking for healing crystals. I take a small bag of them with me everywhere and have a few in my windowsill. I started using tarot cards and do a lot of manifestations.

Something that I would love to do is take my spirituality journey even further because it really is a fun hobby to collect the crystals as well as pick and choose different spirituality practices.

4. I want to take my healing journey seriously.

Coinciding with my first point, I want to take my healing journey seriously. I want to actually put in the work to better my physical and mental health. I’ve already been taking steps to help myself get there, but I want to make sure I stick with it. I want to make sure that I don’t give up or fall back into old habits.

I know as humans it’s normal for us to have our bad days, but if I can elevate some of the worse days, that would be great.

This is a chance for new beginnings: a rebranded column, setting goals for myself and essentially rebranding myself. I’m excited for the next stage of my life and what I’ll be writing about in the future columns.

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