Weekend Mailbag: 5/20/22

Answering your sports/culture/random questions this weekend! If you want to ask a question, visit my Twitter and keep an eye out for my mailbag tweet!

A: Because I’ve actually not seen a USFL game this season, I have to go based off of the paper. Solely based off of stats, Jordan Ta’amu would have to be the better QB in the USFL. So far this season, he is 77-for-132 for 834 yards, five touchdowns and just four interceptions. He also has a QBR of 117.8. I can see arguments for J’Mar Smith or Bryan Scott, but Ta’amu’s stats seem closest to what would be the “average” this season thus far.

@joslewis on Twitter asked: “Eagles have undoubtedly improved their roster this offseason. How do the moves the Eagles made compare with the rest of the NFC East? Are the Eagles the favorites to win the NFC East right now?”

A: I love the fact that the Eagles made significant strides to address the issues they faced last season. These moves show that the Eagles not only want to fix the issues and be contenders (especially on defense and I’m a strong believer that defenses win games) but also that they’re serious about Jalen Hurts, at least for next season. That being said, Hurts will need to step up, too. Out of all of the teams in the NFC East, I feel like the Eagles made the most impactful ones (but I’m obviously up to discuss this.) For that reason, I do think the Eagles are going to be the favorite to win the division, but I do see it being between the Cowboys and Eagles.

@eadylofficial on Twitter asked: “Eagles or Cowboys? Which NFC East team of out these two has the better chance of winning the division?”

A: On paper, I’m definitely going to say the Eagles. The Cowboys lost a few key players this past offseason, but they still have Dak. They still have Micah Parsons. They still have really great players on their team that obviously did a lot to help them last season. I definitely think it’s too early to tell, but it’ll be close in who wins the division. On paper, I’d say the Eagles, but I want to see these teams competing before I make a fair judgment.

@stephanip96 on Twitter asked: “How did you get into sports? Was it from an early age?”

A: I grew up in a football household. It was always a thing for my family to watch football on Sundays (including the Eagles.) I like to say that my love of football kind of grew even more in high school when I became the football manager for my high school’s varsity team. Somewhere along the line I just realized that sports is a community that I’ve always been welcome in and therefore would make a great career path for me.

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