Weekend Mailbag: 5/6/22

Answering your sports/culture/random questions this weekend! If you want to ask a question, visit my Twitter and keep an eye out for my mailbag tweet!

A: He’s gonna be targeted a lot, so I’m feeling he’s gonna have somewhere between 70 and 80 receptions, at least 850 yards and at least seven touchdowns this season.
A: There are DEFINITELY more wheels in the world. For every car, there are two to four doors, but there’s four (technically five) wheels.

But then again, some cars do have four doors so it matches up. Plus, houses have doors but not wheels. But who knows if there are more cars in the world than houses, so there would be more wheels by virtue???

@t_orm3 on Twitter.com asked: “How quickly does Kyle Schwarber break the Mendoza line??”

A: For those who don’t know, Schwarber is currently at a .195 batting average. Based on my minimal knowledge of baseball, I’m going to say it takes less than a season to get to the Mendoza line.

@owen_v14 on Instagram.com asked: “Odds of signing Bradley Beal in the offseason?”

A: There were talks about it before, so I (hope) the Sixers haven’t completely shut the door on that idea. I think Beal would fit the Sixers’ scheme a lot better and would help out Embiid and the team. It’s not an impossible option, but I don’t know how likely or how aggressive the Sixers will be in the offseason to go get him.

@pontano15 on Instagram.com asked: “Who’s your derby pick?”

A: Win-place-show: Zandon, Epicenter, Messier

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