Superlatives for the 2022 NFL Draft

Another draft has come and gone, but the fun has just begun. This year’s draft was supposed to be “defensive heavy,” but wide receivers stole the show. It was a full seven-rounds of fun moments and unexpected picks in Sin City.

I gave out some superlatives to the NFL teams after this year’s draft. Check them out below!

Most Improved From the 2021 Season: These teams look like they could turn things around for their franchise in the 2022 season.

New York Jets & New York Giants

Most Likely to be a Dark Horse in 2022: These teams might be the ones to dominate the 2022 season.

Baltimore Ravens & Pittsburgh Steelers

Most Likely to Stay the Same in 2022: These teams seem like they’ll be stuck in the same position heading into next season.

Jacksonville Jaguars & Green Bay Packers

Most Decorated Team: These teams stacked up on talent and no one is recognizing it.

Washington Commanders & Arizona Cardinals

Super Bowl Favorite: These teams are likely to get to the Super Bowl should things fall in their favor.

Buffalo Bills & Kansas City Chiefs

Most Needed to Sign More Players: These teams are going to need to make more moves in the offseason so they can ball out.

Indianapolis Colts & Dallas Cowboys

Most Likely to Score on Every Drive: These teams have beast talent on both sides of the ball, so they’re likely to be threats next season.

Cincinnati Bengals & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team That Brings the Most Swag: These teams have players who bring a certain swagger to their locker room.

New England Patriots & Philadelphia Eagles

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